The benefits of horticulture for mental health

The mission is to provide horticultural therapy to veterans facing mental health issues. The physical and mental health benefits of horticulture have been widely reported. Participants will gain confidence, knowledge and experience and some will go on to find work experience and employment within the industry. The aim of the charity is to provide support and a place on the programme to every veteran in the UK who wants to attend and/or is unable to access help through other channels. If one life is saved as a result of contact with the charity we will call it a success. Any amount of investment will be justified if we can prevent just one suicide, because we believe you cannot put a price on a life.

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Im absolutely disgusted by this cover....@voguemagazine STOP THIS FROM BEING PRINTED ❗️❗️This is a highly stigmatising, offensive and completely inaccurate portrayal of mental health issues. This is NOT ok❗️❌

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#MentalHealthMatters #PTSD #anxiety #depression.Thank you @Diver67Diver Todays nomination is @BarneyHayward this amazing man is running the London marathon for VG
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Today’s little harvest, the veteran volunteers loved it. One seed potato for all this gain. I would love to tell you what the variety is but the sign got lost. 😤

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2 days today’s video at hasting country park.
#MentalHealthMatters #PTSD #anxiety #depression.Thank you @Diver67Diver Todays nomination is @mark_landform and Simon @HOWGREENNURSERY super busy gents but I know will give it a go.

Sensory Herbalism: Karen Lawton combines medical training & years of clinical practice with a passion for plants & creativity. She gives people autonomy in their health by connecting them to local medicinal plants & the magical nature of the green world

Thank you Jason and Sarah for an amazing visit with @AndyStubbs9 to @VeteransGrowth hearing about their great 12 week courses and residential workshops for veterans. Get in touch for more info!

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