The benefits of horticulture for mental health

The mission is to provide horticultural therapy to veterans facing mental health issues. The physical and mental health benefits of horticulture have been widely reported. Participants will gain confidence, knowledge and experience and some will go on to find work experience and employment within the industry. The aim of the charity is to provide support and a place on the programme to every veteran in the UK who wants to attend and/or is unable to access help through other channels. If one life is saved as a result of contact with the charity we will call it a success. Any amount of investment will be justified if we can prevent just one suicide, because we believe you cannot put a price on a life.

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Today has been amazing off the flight straight to the @Wolturnus factory. All being guided by @Recare66. Now sat in the meeting room with the drawings of my new chair.


Currently the bid on Facebook is at £200 for this, it must be worth more than than to someone?? Live until Saturday at 10pm

This group of Veterans have been amazing. Today with much precision we have achieved half of the Polytunnel erection. They have slogged their guts out all day and have all left after a job well done. Thank you for today guys and girls. Here’s to next weekend.🍻


We are looking for some great companies to sponsor some tops for events coming up like the #LondonMarathon #Surrey100 wheelchair racing, golf teams. Some events will be televised and your company logo will be all over the TV when we can. Interested contact us let make this happen

Today i am working from the laptop while we wait to see if the Office Mac can be saved. So here is a link to the latest Podcast! Many of you maybe glad its not ME this is a speech Sarah gave at the NHS Sussex Armed Forces Network. This is a must listen.

I want to thank everyone for the kind messages and words on all social media. We are overcome with the support everyone has shown. We will not be beaten by anything not even #StormCiaraUk. If you want to help you can donate here

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