The benefits of horticulture for mental health

The mission is to provide horticultural therapy to veterans facing mental health issues. The physical and mental health benefits of horticulture have been widely reported. Participants will gain confidence, knowledge and experience and some will go on to find work experience and employment within the industry. The aim of the charity is to provide support and a place on the programme to every veteran in the UK who wants to attend and/or is unable to access help through other channels. If one life is saved as a result of contact with the charity we will call it a success. Any amount of investment will be justified if we can prevent just one suicide, because we believe you cannot put a price on a life.

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A small team of volunteers and veterans planted our trees on Tuesday. And great day had by all next week more to go in #IDigTrees thanks to @TCVtweets

The site is even more covid secure thank to everyone @GreenBlueUrban for the sanitation station. @GreenBlueUrban led with this, but got dolphin solutions Ltd and ANS Gobal to join the team to. Thank you for everything and especially the installation team in the rain today.

Apologies for the delay the website is now fixed, the Podcast is now available here also.

Unfortunately I have been online checking things sense 0520, there are issues on our website for the podcast but it has gone out to most major podcast sites, here it is in Apple podcast. Tune in have a listen

Going Live at 0530 0n Thursday morning the new series on the @VeteransGrowth Podcast, Nick from the VG Podcast team talks with 2 veterans about their own journeys towards better Mental Health and their experiences. Warning these accounts are open and honest. Please RT

We're delighted to announce is live. Visit to find out about our new approach to online learning, to browse and purchase our launch courses & to sign up for our free Guide to Online Study ebook and updates on future courses. And let us know what you think!

We have received great news that our Crowdfunder
Has received Backing from the East Sussex Fund and they will be match funding the project,BUT only if we hit a minimum amount of Pledges. As its #NationalTreeWeek please support this project and RT.

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