The benefits of horticulture for mental health

The mission is to provide horticultural therapy to veterans facing mental health issues. The physical and mental health benefits of horticulture have been widely reported. Participants will gain confidence, knowledge and experience and some will go on to find work experience and employment within the industry. The aim of the charity is to provide support and a place on the programme to every veteran in the UK who wants to attend and/or is unable to access help through other channels. If one life is saved as a result of contact with the charity we will call it a success. Any amount of investment will be justified if we can prevent just one suicide, because we believe you cannot put a price on a life.

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We are excited to announce the imminent launch of, a brand new online gardening school.⁠

Course details will be released soon, but in the meantime visit to sign up to our newsletter.

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NEW: Want to learn more about #gardening? Online courses from launch in December - brainchild of @rootsandall and @LCGardenDesign. @swilson09 @FisherTomlin #gardeningforbeginners #sustainability #ecofriendly

Three of the books signed back into the small onsite library today are our signed copies by @BrianWoodMC @frostatwork and @TheMontyDon books. All a very good read.

Still waiting to See if anyone is brave enough to take the A-Z encyclopaedia of garden plants

Tune in on the 3rd and listen to @jonwild007 describe how you can enjoy the benefits of installing Pictorial Meadows in your own garden, landscape - or even window box! #gardens #plantingdesign #meadows

Tonight’s info burst benefits @VeteransGrowth, book up for next week’s session from @PictorialMeadow just £6 and all proceeds to this awesome charity.

Our Veterans are going to miss these garden therapy sessions as the seasons change we look forward to next year Thank you to all @VeteransGrowth its been a real pleasure..
#recovery #Eastsussex


Today the Veterans got to plant out the shrubs and plants they picked out on our visit to a trade nursery a few weeks ago. As one veterans said “it will grow with the charity, for more veterans to enjoy” thank you @ProvenderTweets for your assistance and great customer service.


As the day draws down and the course is nearly over, we get a little reminder there is always more as a veteran community we can do to help each other. Just the sight of this wonderful rainbow was enough for everyone to stop take a minute and think. #veterans #think #Remembering

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