I am using this podcast as a platform to talk openly and honestly about my experiences living with PTSD. They are intended to be raw, unedited and a real reflection of who I am, to raise awareness or help others to understand this condition further.

Well everyone with things changing on a daily basis, I thought I should wait a while before an update is given and here it is.

I Understand people like to take themselves for a walk or in the garden at this time to listen to there podcasts and get there exercise, so I will ensure we have many more of these lined up

Here is a Speech that was given by Sarah my Partner at a recent NHS Armed Forces Network event, I have to say this was all Sarah and I never got sight of what was being said until it was delivered to the 300+ audience. She must have touched a few nerves but it needed to be said and for this she makes no apologies.


This is Sarah's story about living with a Partner with PTSD.

A update on Veterans' Growth and my own state of mind, we have been going from strength to strength over the last few months. I appreciate everyones effort and thank you all for your help to succeed.

Let's make 2019 the year for Veterans' Growth.

Let's make 2019 the year for Veterans' Growth, we have had massively busy start to the year so hear a little about what's going on and who has been supporting this great venture.

Happy New Year just a short one to let you all know i am alive and a little about whats going on.

Jason, the founder of Veterans' Growth introduces himself and talks about a few things on his mind this week. These podcasts will be adhoc as and when he gets a chance to upload them. Come and listen to see how things are going within the charity and what's affecting Jason this week.